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Tasty Un-fried Broccoli And Mushroom


Siegren Johnson, Owner and Chief of True Cuisine shares with us one of her favorite raw Healthy Food Recipes – Broccoli & Mushroom Unstir Fried.

Tasty Unfried Broccoli And Mushroom

This recipe is so easy, tasty, delicious that you will soon be adding it to your rotation of simple recipes to not cook on a busy night after work.

Your best bet is to prepare everything in advance and then follow along with Siegren while she shows us how to put it all together.

And because there is no frying or cooking involved, you will be done in no time at all.

So get out your glass bowls and food processor and let’s not cook!


The Ingredients needed for this Tasty Unfried Broccoli And Mushroom dish is as follows:

  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms (either baby bellas or button are the best)
  • Olive oil
  • Nama Shoyu, which is a fermented soy sauce, GMO-free of course
  • sea salt
  • agave nectar, or you can use any raw sweetener like  coconut nectar or even raw honey
  • shredded carrot
  • and a little bit of red bell pepper,
  • snow peas                                      Tasty Unfried Broccoli And Mushroom
  • a parsnip- peeled and chopped
  • sesame seed oil
  • sesame seeds                                 


The First thing we do is prepare the mushrooms. But wait a minute,  In the video we are told not to wash them! So to wash or not to wash mushrooms? That is the question?                 Tasty Unfried Broccoli And Mushroom

Many have said in the past that mushrooms should never be washed. The theory is that because mushrooms are porous they will take a big drink when in contact with water, then bloat and lose their flavor. The alternative to washing mushrooms is to wipe them down individually with a piece of a damp paper towel, a cloth, or a special mushroom brush. All of which are very time consuming. These methods may be ok for a few but what if you want to cook a whole box. via The RIGHT Way To Clean Mushrooms – The Huffington Post

So when given the fact that mushrooms are already full of water, how much more can be absorbed by giving them a quick wash?

Well the people at Cooks Illustrated performed a test on six ounces of shrooms to test the theory.

They found that once the mushrooms were given a quick rinse they only gained a quarter ounce of water! Well; that’s good enough for me, I’m up for giving them a quick shower or dunk and drying them on a paper towel right before cooking.

How about you. Do you brush, dunk or give your shrooms a quick shower before making your version of this tasty unfried broccoli dish?

Check out this video showing you how to correctly rinse your mushrooms.