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RSP Chiseled Trainer: Promo

RSP Chiseled: Sculpt Your Best Body In 8 Weeks with Kizzito Ejam Get the Full Program Here:  The struggle to stay lean year-round ends here. Chiseled is an 8-week strength and nutrition system that has everything you need to sculpt your best body–and keep it! If sustainable fat-loss is your problem, Chiseled is the solution. This 8-week periodized strength training and cardio program, designed by RSP and athlete Kizzito Ejam, has everything you need to achieve your best-ever physique and hold onto it for the long haul. You get it all: a complete nutrition and supplementation protocol, enjoyable workouts, and results that will only keep getting better the next time around. Kizzito has used this program to stay strong, ripped, and at peak leanness for the last five years. Now it’s your turn to get Chiseled! WHAT DOES CHISELED INCLUDE? – A comprehensive five-phase cutting and maintenance program – Detailed phase overview videos to help you master the program and engineer your nutrition for results – 8 weeks of daily workouts featuring unique movements that will keep you learning and loving the gym – A complete nutrition plan with macronutrient calculator, food list, and nutrient timing recommendations – A science-backed supplement stack to support muscle repair, recovery, and growth – Weekly emails from Kizzito – And much more! If you’re ready, Kizzito Ejam will change everything you thought you knew about your physique and its potential. It’s time to change!