RSP Chiseled Phase 3 Overview - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

RSP Chiseled Phase 3 Overview

In Phase 3, you’ll mix strength and hypertrophy training together. You’ll feel strong, move heavy weights, and burn fat like you can’t believe! Get the full Phase 3 Overview here: Phase 3 of the Chiseled nine-week fat-loss trainer is another hypertrophy phase, but it’s substantially different from Phase 1—the hypertrophy and endurance phase—in a number of ways: 1) You’ll only perform cardio on the weekends. Plus, I insist that it be fun cardio. What that means is up to you, but it has to happen outside of a gym! 2) Rather than high reps of 12, 15, and even 20 per set, you’ll work toward daily 3-rep and 4-rep maxes, or perform pyramids sets. 3) You’ll weight train five days a week, but only on weekdays. The extra time you have for recovery will help you keep moving the sort of heavy weights you used in Phase 2, the strength phase. Here’s what you can expect in this phase, along with some explanation of a few unique moves you’ll encounter. RSP CHISELED, PHASE 3 TRAINING Thanks to all that heavy lifting you accomplished in Phase 2, you should find that you’re pushing slightly more weight during this phase than in the previous hypertrophy phase. But to ensure that you push yourself a little when it comes to weight, you’re going to perform a classic technique known as pyramid sets after you’ve warmed up. To do a pyramid set, perform a working set of around 10 reps. You should be near failure, but you don’t have to go all the way there on that set. Then, add weight and increase the weight to where you can only manage about 8 reps. Increase the weight again and aim for 6 reps, then increase it again and aim for 6 reps again. That last set of 6 should be a bear. Decrease the weight and aim for 8 reps, then decrease it again and aim for 10. These are tough, but they’re a really effective way to get both strength work and lots of volume for muscle growth. For this reason, Phase 3 is the phase in the trainer where I predict you’ll really start to see results in the mirror and on the scale. RSP CHISELED, PHASE 3 UNIQUE EXERCISES I love pull-ups so much that I can’t choose just one type. So at the start of my back day, I’ll always include some fun time where I can practice a few different variations such as typewriters, plyometric pull-ups, and muscle-ups. TYPEWRITERS Using a wide grip, pull yourself up at an angle to one side of the bar, so your chin ends up by one of your hands. Then move laterally, pushing with your triceps until your chin is next to your other hand. PLYOMETRIC PULL-UPS Pull yourself up with enough speed that your hands actually come off the bar at the top of the movement. Catch the bar on the way down and lower yourself in a controlled manner to the bottom. MUSCLE-UPS Perform a pull-up, and when you get to the top, transition your hands to the top of the bar and perform a dip. These take a lot of time to master, so be patient. If pull-ups or chin-ups are all you can manage for now, that’s fine. Use this time to practice those! RSP CHISELED, PHASE 3 FUEL Once again, in this phase we’re going to slightly reduce calories by cutting out some carbohydrates and fats, to the tune of another 5 percent of Phase 2’s calories—not Phase 1’s. However, we’re going to keep your protein, to help hold on to muscle and keep you full and satisfied. You should also increase the amount of vegetables you eat, to make up for the high-glycemic carbs you’re cutting out. More veggies equals more fiber, more nutrients, and more controlled blood sugar levels. You can’t go wrong by eating more veggies— so do it! RSP CHISELED, PHASE 3 SUPPS The stack for the Chiseled nine-week fat-loss trainer doesn’t change from phase to phase. All the way through, it’s build around the same tried-and-true performance-boosting ingredients. They are: – Whey – Branched-chain amino acids – Creatine – Beta-alanine – Caffeine – Omega-3 fatty acids – Multivitamin Just like in previous phases, though, I think there’s one supplement that is worth making an extra priority during this phase. This time around, it’s caffeine. Decades of research have shown that caffeine can burn fat, curb appetite, provide more energy during workouts, and boost metabolism. These are all fantastic benefits to have supporting you during the hard work of this phase.