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Kris personally took over one hundred innovative lab tests to ensure product efficacy. He took part in blood, urine, saliva, hair, GI, stool and genetic testing to measure the effectiveness and safety of each product.

Every ingredient has been tried and tested under an array of real world physical stresses and environments from the weight room to the athletic field. Kris Gethin has tested and analyzed every supplement under multiple conditions, strategic dosages, and many combinations. He put his body through the extreme edges of endurance while preparing for a triathlon over a four-month period. Once completed, he again broke physical boundaries by pushing his body through the intense environment of a 12-Week Muscle-Building Plan that was documented daily by Bodybuilding.com. The results of both were astounding.

10 Reasons WHY Kaged Muscle

Premium Ingredients = Premium Results
REAL Science – NO BORROWED Research aka generic ingredients
GYM TESTED and APPROVED by Kris Gethin
Banned Substance Free – BSCG Certified
No Artificial Flavors
3rd Party Label Verification – MicroPure Quality Guarantee
No Artificial Colors or Dyes – JUST SAY NO to Red #40, Yellow #5, Yellow #6
Guaranteed Authentic Product Registration – Know that your products are LEGIT
Support, Education, and Motivation by Kris Gethin and the KAGED MUSCLE Science Advisory Board
100% Money Back Guarantee on all KAGED MUSCLE Products