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PHIL HEATHS ROAD TO THE OLYMPIA was an unusual one. As an only child Phil was all about basketball. “Basketball was a game where all you needed was a hoop, no teammate nothing, just a ball and a basket.”  Phil Heaths Road To The Olympia

Phil Heath Wins Mr. Olympia for the 4th time

Practicing night and day on the streets of Seattle Phil earned himself a full ride scholarship to the University of Denver.  After playing in the semi pro leagues  and trying to get picked up to play  Pro basketball, Phil  realized that he should focus more on his degrees in business and information technology in order to get a good job. 

So while working with fellow students, away from the varsity gym Phil met some bodybuilders and started hanging out with them. Learning all about nutrition Phil put on the weight quickly. Phil Heaths Road To The Olympia

Training Begins

“I began bodybuilding shortly after I watched a couple of friends compete at a state show and thought it would be cool to try.” The date was October 8th, 2002, and here I was taking photos of myself in my old college house hoping that none of my teammates would catch me. After six months of training I entered my first contest.

Phil Heaths Road To The Olympia


The Beginning

Phil’s first bodybuilding competition was in 2003 in Northern Colorado. Weighting in at 192 lbs Phil who had entered both the Novice and Open divisions stood nervously on the stage to find that he had won both classes and Overall titles for the show!  That was it Phil was hooked.

The King

Phil Heath Wins the Sandow

I’m coming to win. I’ve been 2nd, I’ve been 5th, I’ve been 3rd at that show. I kinda know what it feels like to have all these emotions and different placements. And now there is only one more spot to go and that’s to be number 1.”

If it was easy everyone would do it

Phil Heath.

2011 on the road to Mr. Olympia Video

Phil Heaths Road To The Olympia

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