Making Calisthenics Look Easy - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

Frank Medrano – Making Calisthenics Look Easy

Calisthenics has been around for centuries, yet very little has changed. The idea is still the same, use your own body weight to work your muscles.   Making Calisthenics Look Easy

And in a climate that seems to have a new fitness craze every month, calisthenics has remained for the most part, unchanged.

Benefits of Calisthenics

When you consider that all you need is YOU, then it is no wonder that people are cancelling their gym memberships to workout at home, in the local park, or even grabbing a few minutes in the office.

By taking a few minutes to simply stretch at the office, and by twisting your torso from side-to side, you can reduce both stiffness and back pain from long hours of sitting at a desk.

More of What Calisthenics Can Do For You.


Along with great flexibility comes strength, as you can not improve your flexibility without also building muscle strength. An added bonus is that you will see a greater range of motion in both your  joints and muscles allowing them to extend and flex much easier. Calisthenics is an excellent way to improve your flexibility through muscle tone.

Making Calisthenics Look Easy
Making Calisthenics Look EasyWeight Loss

By doing calisthenics on a regular basis you will develop an all over strong toned body. Both your strength and cardiovascular performance will be greatly improved.  With frequent practice your heart rate will rise, it is one of the most effective ways possible to burn off fat.

Making Calisthenics Look EasyEndurance

Because of the amount of repetitions done in calisthenics without rest, you will find that your endurance level will be greatly improved. And by practicing a few days a week you will continue to see great changes. Before exhaustion sets in you will find yourself able to do even more reps.

Making Calisthenics Look Easy Is No Easy Feat

With Calisthenics, the movements are natural and smooth and the maximum weight we are moving is our own body weight-€“ something which our muscles are used to doing. 

By practicing a few days a week you will:

  • Lose Weight
  • Become More Flexible
  • Improve Your Endurance
  • Increase Your Muscle and Tone

And to do all these things all you really need is a little space, some time, and  the motivation to perform. A workout buddy to push you always helps.

Check out Frank Medrano-Making Calisthenics Look Easy, a great calisthenics body weight expert who motivates and trains to build and gain muscle.

Being able to perform calisthenics just about anywhere is definitely a plus for most people, especially if you are looking to mix things up a little as the same old routine can become; dare I say boring.  It is truly a very cost effective way to get stronger, lose fat and build muscle. Squeezing in a few simple stretches at work is fast and easy as we spend way too much time sitting behind a desk. Try mixing calisthenics into your other workout routines to keep things interesting.

Jan Mai
Chief Content Officer based in South Florida