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Is Kevin Levrone Making A Comeback?

“I’m driven to compete and win the 2016 Olympia.”

4 Times 2nd Place.

Possibly the best bodybuilder to never win Mr. Olympia

The Levrone Shoulders Are Back!

Kevin Levrone, also known as “The Maryland Muscle Machine,” has the amazing ability to build muscle faster than anyone has ever seen in the sport of bodybuilding. Coming back at a time when the Mr. Olympia contest could really use an extra boost of  excitement to the sports biggest night, many continue to ask excitedly, “Is Kevin Levrone really making a comeback and can he take Mr. Olympia?”  Is Kevin Levrone Making A Comeback?

Is Kevin Levrone Making A Comeback?

Why Now?

After not working out for over 13 years Kevin Levrone has decided to come back and go up against the likes of Phil Heath, Shawn Rhoden, and Dexter Jackson. Old School vs New! When asked Why Now he replied,

“Because the time is right, I think the fans want to see change.”  Is Kevin Levrone Making A Comeback?

Is Kevin Levrone Making A Comeback?

“Fans want to know how a bodybuilder from our era can stand up against the guys of today.”

Phil Heath

Age 36

“The Gift”

5 Times Mr. Olympia

Dexter Jackson

Age 46

“€œThe Blade”€ who is proof that high level bodybuilding can be done at an advanced age, came in 2nd at Mr. Olympia

Shawn Rhoden

Age 41

Shawn “€œFlexatron”€ Rhoden came in 3rd at Mr. Olympia 2015

The Icon Returns!

A crowd favorite of the 90’s and into the early 2000’s, Kevin Levrone was a great showman who loved performing onstage. Posing down the likes of Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates Kevin was always on fire. At his peak he had one of the best bodybuilding physiques of his time. Now that he has  officially decided to make a comeback and compete at the Olympia this year, many fans and pundits have wondered if Kevin Levrone still has what it takes to compete at the highest levels of the sport.    Is Kevin Levrone Making A Comeback?

Old School vs New!

But Levrone doesn’€™t seem like a man who would half ass an opportunity like the one he has before him. He realizes that if he wants to win, he will have to bring his A game and the veteran is preparing for the challenge with a well thought out training split. As the excitement continues to swirl, as we wonder if Kevin can really pull off the amazing feat of coming out of retirement after  13 years and beating the likes of Phil Heath and Dexter Jackson, and cause one of the greatest upsets in body building history, we wait in eager anticipation.

Jan Mai

Chief Content Officer based in South Florida