How Pilates Got Me On The Ball - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

How Pilates Got Me On The Ball

Because it is so effective in developing balance and strengthening the core, the stability ball has become one of the most versatile pieces of equipment used in fitness training today.

Even though Joseph Pilates did not live to see this ball introduced to Pilates we would like to think that he would have approved of this union.    How Pilates Got Me On The Ball

The Stabilizer Ball

Although it was originally designed to help people with injuries to the spine, the stabilizer ball, which is also known as the Swiss Ball, Balance Ball and Exercise ball has quickly crossed over to being used for many different kinds of exercise. 

Apart from the obvious benefits that the ball brings to your workout, it adds a little something different to your routine, and brings challenges to your strength training. 

By replacing the bench with the ball you can add a whole new level of coordination and balance to both your seated exercises and those that you do while lying down.     How Pilates Got Me On The Ball

How Pilates Got Me On The Ball

The amount of exercises that you can do on the ball are endless and a lot of  fun.

For something that takes up very little space and is so cheap makes the investment worthwhile.

You are forced to use all your muscles in order to stay on the ball which in turn builds strength and improves stability. 

Get a six pack

The advantages that the ball has over other pieces of equipment is that it activates more ab muscles by extending the range of motion.  

It also makes instability which forces the abs to contract even  harder to support your body.

A Great Tool For Stabilization

Brilliant for training the stabilizer muscles you can get a quick and challenging workout by using this simple piece of equipment.

It will improve not only your core strength but also your endurance, balance and coordination.

How Pilates Got Me On The Ball. Howtogetrippedabstips

Challenge Your Core Reap The Benefits

When using an exercise ball you are able put all your core muscles to the test as the difficulty level gets harder. We often tend to ignore our muscles on the back of our bodies to focus on whats up front which can cause bad posture and imbalances.

By supporting the lower back and other posterior muscles the ball helps to solve the issues of balance while working out.

How Pilates Got Me On The Ball

How Pilates Got Me On The Ball
How Pilates Got Me On The Ball

To look and feel great all around make sure you pay just as much attention to your back, your booty and your hamstrings.

Join Natalie to give your abs a fabulous workout by extending your range of motion. And carve yourself a six pack to boot. Your core will thank you for it.    

How Pilates Got Me On The Ball

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