Dymatize Project Mass Introduction - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

Dymatize Project Mass Introduction

Dymatize Project Mass. Dr. Jake Wilson’s Full Program, Project Mass is a cutting-edge training, nutrition, and supplement program designed to help you build maximum size. This is how you grow.

Today’s workout will test the strength of your legs. The rep scheme is low because I want you to use heavy weight for each lift. You’re not going to use your 3-rep max for each set, but you’re still going to select a weight that is very challenging.

The point of this program is to add size and strength to your muscles, so give them a reason to grow.


I based the Project Mass nutrition plan on the needs of a 180-pound male. That means you may need to add or subtract calories depending on your weight and sex. If you do have to lower or increase calories, do so proportionately. So, if you’re a 120-pound female, you’ll decrease your calories by 33 percent. Don’t forget that we’re trying to put on muscle without a lot of fat gain, so you won’t be eating whatever you want.

On lower-volume days, you’ll need fewer calories than you will on higher-volume days. Be sure you’re giving your body enough fuel to perform the workouts, but you’re not giving it extra calories it can’t use.

If you’re a 180-pound male, your macro goal for the next eight days is to consume approximately 2,700 calories, 70 grams of fat, 300 grams of carbs, and 225 grams of protein each day. For more information on how to customize this nutrition plan according to your personal needs, check out the nutrition overview page.