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Dymatize Project Mass: Intraset Stretching

Dymatize Project Mass: Intraset Stretching (Advanced Training Techniques) Get Dr. Jake Wilson’s Full Program: Project Mass is a cutting-edge training, nutrition, and supplement program designed to help you build maximum size. This is how you grow.

project-mass-training-overview_03Designed by Jacob Wilson, PhD, CSCS, in conjunction with Dymatize athlete Lawrence Ballenger, Project Mass is an advanced, 14-week periodized resistance training program engineered to help you keep growing. Built on a combination of cutting-edge techniques and classic lifts, a precision nutrition plan, and a science-backed supplement stack, Project Mass will make plateaus a thing of the past.

Throughout his research and education, Dr. Wilson has focused on how to optimize training and nutrition for maximum muscle growth. His lab at the University of Tampa is dedicated to bridging the gap between science and application. Designed to spur continued adaptation and combat plateaus, Project Mass is the distillation of his work.

The result of countless hours of experimentation and research, Project Mass is best suited for advanced lifters who have been training consistently for at least a few years. Beginner and intermediate lifters will also derive gains from the program, but they may want to have a few other Bodybuilding.com trainers under their belts.