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Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30

Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30


Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30   



Looking for a more challenging workout?       Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30

Join Monica, for her Core Blasting Pilates workout in 30

Strengthen your core, trim your tummy, tighten your abs, and strengthen your back.     Core Blasting Pilates. Workout in 30

This workout burns 184 – 252 calories.     Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30

Try this Pilates workout video at home or on-the-go.

The big misconception for many of us who have not tried Pilates is that it looks easy.

But if you are performing the movements correctly you will see just how difficult the exercises really are.

By applying the principles of precision, centering, concentration and control, you will soon realize just how challenging and rejuvenating Pilates can be for all fitness levels.

Although in Mat Pilates focus is placed on building a strong core, the exercises are for the whole body.

Joseph Pilates believed that the more muscles you use to perform a movement, the more efficient the movement will be.

Exercises that focuses on the mind-body connection helps you to become not only more centered and relieve stress, but also helps you strengthen your body without the joint stress of exercises like running and weight lifting.   Core Blasting Pilates. Workout in 30

The slow pace of the exercises, the emphasis on proper breathing and the focus on alignment and muscle control makes the practice of Mat Pilates  both therapeutic and strengthening in design.Core Blasting Pilates. Workout in 30

As many of us know, Pilates comes with many benefits.

Usually we talk about how Pilates helps athletes get to the next level, or how it can rehabilitate clients after an injury.     Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30

Let’s not forget that Pilates is also the answer to prevent injury.                                                                                                         Core Blasting Pilates. Workout in 30

Important principles of the Pilates exercise program include:


  • Use of mental focus to improve movement efficiency and muscle control


  • Awareness of neutral spine alignment, or proper posture, throughout the exercises



  • Use of breath to promote mental focusing and centering                      Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30


  • Creating length, strength, and flexibility in muscles


Mat Exercises  are usually taught as part of a group class. The focus is placed chiefly on strengthening the muscles of the trunk and hip and increasing the flexibility of both the spine and hips.        Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30

While the scope of the mat program is limited compared to the machines, there are many mat exercises that illustrate the Pilates principles.