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PILATES  ALL ABOUT THE CORE   Get That Extra Flex          PILATES   ALL ABOUT THE CORE.  With emphasis on the core, Pilates gives added flexibility and range of motion while developing and protecting your back. Pilates is the perfect whole-body-fitness program to compliment any workout regime. PILATES   ALL ABOUT THE CORE. […]

How Pilates Got Me On The Ball

How Pilates Got Me On The Ball Because it is so effective in developing balance and strengthening the core, the stability ball has become one of the most versatile pieces of equipment used in fitness training today. Even though Joseph Pilates did not live to see this ball introduced to Pilates we would like to […]

3 Fitness Professionals Try Pilates

3 Fitness Professionals Try Pilates. So you think Pilates is easy? Watch as  3 fitness professionals try pilates and make us smile and laugh while they try out the reformer. Working your Core is not as easy as you think when it comes to working out on the reformer.  As our 3 fitness professionals try pilates we […]

New to Pilates?

Benefits of Pilates, great for strengthening the core and defining the abs. Great all over workout for the mind and body

Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30

  Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30   Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30        Looking for a more challenging workout?       Core Blasting Pilates Workout in 30 Join Monica, for her Core Blasting Pilates workout in 30 Strengthen your core, trim your tummy, tighten your abs, and strengthen your back.     Core Blasting Pilates. […]