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11 Calisthenics Moves To Start

Reap The Benefits For Free No contract down. You can do Calisthenics Anywhere. Here are 11 Calisthenics Moves To Start. The Requirements Are… A Good Attitude & Some Imagination One of the great benefits that you will get from doing calisthenics is that you will have a better understanding of your body and its limits. […]

Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics

 Frank & Antoniette Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics Taking Calisthenics to a whole other level is Frank Medrano and Antoniette Pacheco. Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics Watching Frank Medrano and Antoniette Pacheco train together makes many of us who are only beginners  ask the awe inspiring question, “How do they do that? And how do they make it […]

Making Calisthenics Look Easy

Frank Medrano – Making Calisthenics Look Easy Calisthenics has been around for centuries, yet very little has changed. The idea is still the same, use your own body weight to work your muscles.   Making Calisthenics Look Easy And in a climate that seems to have a new fitness craze every month, calisthenics has remained for the […]


Push Up TRAINING Joining and traveling to a gym can workout to be very expensive. The beauty of calisthenics is that it is FREE and can be done almost anywhere. With a little space and creativity you can perform body-weight exercises like lunges, squats, crunches and pushups. Of all the exercises you can do, push-ups […]

Frank Medrano’s Training

Frank Medrano’s Training Build your upper body with Frank Medrano’s training tips making calisthenics look all too easy. “This is a good exercise to build your upper body. It works your pectorals, triceps, and anterior deltoid. For this exercise work up to high rep range and then add weight. If for example someone could only do […]


LAZAR NOVOVIC & FRANK MEDRANO FACE-OFF NOVOVIC AND MEDRANO FACE-OFF and leave the rest of us in awe at how they do what they do while making it look easy.                     Become one of the millions of people who have been INSPIRED by these two LEGENDS in […]

Frank Medrano Motivation

Frank Medrano Motivation  Frank Medrano is master of CALISTHENICS BODYWEIGHT who motivate and inspire millions of people onto fitness and helping them making healthy changes onto their lifestyle.

Stay Focused On Your DREAM Frank Medrano

Stay Focused On Your DREAM Frank Medrano When You Want Something Bad Enough, Let That Drive Push You To Make It Happen. Sometimes You’ll Run Into Brick Walls That Are Put There To TEST You. Find A Way Around Them And Stay Focused On Your DREAM. Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way


FRANK MEDRANO DON’T WISH. WORK Franks Biggest accomplishment has been motivating and inspiring millions of people to get fit and helping them making healthy changes to their lifestyle.      FRANK MEDRANO DON’T WISH. WORK Hearing their success stories and seeing their photos/videos on how he has inspired them is priceless. Not only helping and motivating […]