Shoulder Workout for Mass Episode 3 - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

Shoulder Workout for Mass Episode 3

Building Von Moger | Episode 3 Hang out in the pool with Calum, go out to lunch at the Firehouse Grill, and then hit the gym for a killer Shoulder workout for Mass in this 3rd episode.

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Something that dedicated bodybuilders understand is that other than genetics, mentality and exercise, variation is the key to bringing about supreme change.

Something which Calum Von Moger truly understands. Calum is a new school bodybuilder in terms of the era he happened to be born in. But the Australian has an old school mentality. It’s all about working hard and busting your ass in the gym and Calum understands that perfectly. While another individual may train constantly and give up because of impatience, a true bodybuilder is going to stick it out and push through. via OLD SCHOOL TRAINING WITH CALUM VON MOGER

Check out Calum sharing his Shoulder Workout for Mass Episode 3

Calum, always willing to mix things up a little by adding different weaponry to his arsenal of workouts. Check out Calum Von Moger training like an old school bodybuilder.

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