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Calum Von Moger Breakfast Then Legs

Workout for Mass

Episode 1

Tagged Arnold 2.0 Calum Von Moger is looking forward to getting past the comparison. Ready to jump out of Arnolds wake and carve his own path by being true to himself. Calum came to the USA from Australia, he grew up in a very small town in Central Victoria. With no thoughts of bodybuilding until about the age of 15 he started to go to the gym which gradually grew on him.

Calum now Lives in Santa Monica and trains at Golds Gym.         Calum Von Moger Breakfast then Legs Workout

When getting ready for a competition Calum can go through roughly 150 eggs a week! Enjoy a day with Calum eating breakfast and at the gym.

Building Von Moger | Episode 1 Start the Building Von Moger Trainer by getting an insider’s look into how Calum eats breakfast, trains legs at, and spends time with his friends! Follow Calum Von Moger’s 6-Week Mass Training Program | Calum Von Moger’s Supplement Stack |  Calum Von Moger Breakfast then Legs Workout

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