Calisthenics - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

Calisthenics, How to Get Ripped for Free!

By Jan Mal

Although the gym is there for everyone it is not for everyone. Many of us prefer to work in the great outdoors with only the sounds of nature for company while others prefer to workout in the comfort of their own home.

The beauty of calisthenics is that all you really need is your own body to get ripped and shredded without any major equipment and for you to be motivated, creative and willing to use what's readily available, be it a wall, the floor, a door frame you can do this convenient form of physical activity almost anywhere and get ripped in the process.

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Because calisthenics is great for building muscular strength and endurance, calisthenics is often recommended by the U.S. Army to its recruits as it improves bone and joint strength which aids in preventing injuries.

Common Calisthenic exercises include the legendary push-ups which is by far the most effective, dips and crunches, to name only a few.

Remember that just because you lack equipment doesn't mean that you should throw your hands up and give up. Anyone, at any fitness level, can exercise with what is freely available at anytime:

  • Your body
  • The ground
  • Gravity!

Men, women, children, the elderly, and others will find calisthenic exercises beneficial because of its applicability in day-to-day life. As said in an article found on Calisthenic, "One shouldn't underestimate the difficulty of some calisthenic exercises. In fact, body weight exercises may be too much for some people, but with proper techniques calisthenic exercises can be modified to increase or decrease resistance allowing the practitioner complete control of the intensity of the workout. For example, doing a push up on your knees instead of on your toes.

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Calisthenic exercises intend to increase body strength and flexibility using only one’s body weight with movements such as bending, jumping, swinging, twisting, kicking, and many other various activities engaging the arms, legs, torso, neck, back – basically every muscle group in your body!

In the end, you’ll realize calisthenic exercises are great for natural strength building – easy or hard. The results of intense, demanding, and vigorous calisthenics exercise will produce amazing results. Don’t think so? This INSANITY video will change your mind.

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