Bench Like a Boss With Layne Norton - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

Bench Like a Boss with Layne Norton

Power Lifter, Body Builder, Scientist and Coach. 

Who is Layne Norton

Dr. Layne Norton is a well known and highly respected natural pro bodybuilder and power lifter. He is the owner of Biolayne, and a consultant for He is a Natural Professional Bodybuilder who has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science. Learn tips and tricks to bench like a boss with Layne Norton.  Bench Like a Boss With Layne Norton


One of the many benefits  of the bench press is that it engages most of the muscles that are located in the upper body.

Your chest, pectorals, arms, deltoids, abs and your hands; all get involved during a workout on the bench press. 

And the benefits don’t end with the muscles and bones. Sources say that it can prevent cholesterol issues and even minimize the risk of diabetes. Frequent weight training can help your body to process sugar, which in turn leads to a reduced risk of diabetes.

Bench Like a Boss With Layne Norton at howtogetrippedabstips


Along with an increase in your power, strength and bone density, the bench press can also boost your endurance levels and improve your flexibility.  Bench Like a Boss With Layne Norton

Bench Like a Boss With Layne Norton at howtogetrippedabstips


The amount of weight you can €œbench€ or €œpress€ is one measure of your overall upper-body strength. This is due to the engagement of the muscles involved in the exercise.

Bench Like a Boss with Layne Norton at howtogetrippedabs


As a weight training exercise, the bench press helps your body increase muscle mass, which in turn can lead to fat reduction. People who train with weights on a regular basis are less likely to develop osteoarthritis.


“The first thing to realize on the bench press or any press for that matter, is that you can generate the maximum amount of force with your lower arm perpendicular to the ground.”  Bench Like a Boss With Layne Norton


By including the bench press as one of your main upper-body exercises causes your bone cells to deposit bone tissue in the bones involved.

Bench Like a Boss With Layne Norton compound movement that also engages the shoulders, traps, triceps, upper back, core, hips, and even the legs to a certain degree. 

More Than Just a Chest Movement

“A lot of people think about the bench press as just a chest movement. But it incorporates the pectorals, the triceps, the shoulders, even the back when done correctly.”  Bench Like a Boss With Layne Norton

Bench Like a Boss with Layne Norton

Although the bench press offers many benefits we must do our best to practice proper form. 

Which includes:         Bench Like a Boss With Layne Norton

  • Keeping the feet firmly planted on the ground 
  • Making sure the back is straight
  • Keep the shoulders and glutes flat on the bench 
  • And (although you don’t have to) the right equipment such as wrist wraps, chalk and the correct footwear will help both protect you from injury and enhance your overall performance.

With guidance from a certified trainer you too can learn the proper form in order to incorporate the bench press into your routine to keep you safe from strains and pains. 


Jan Mai

Chief Content Officer based in South Florida