Ask The Experts 24-Hour Nutrition - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

Ask The Experts 24-Hour Nutrition

THE EXPERT PANEL WITH DR. ROB WILDMAN AND DR. KRISSY KENDALL are sponsored by Dymatize Nutrition.¬†Performance optimization requires nutrient timing with a whole-day perspective. Consume the right foods at the right time, and you’ll soar through more intense training while maximizing growth and recovery!

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When it comes to nutrition, it seems as if most of the focus these days is centered on pre- and post-workout strategies. And while there’s no denying these are key times that play a large role in muscle growth and recovery, properly planning the rest of your day’s meals is just as important for reaching long-term performance goals.

In this episode of our expert-panel round table discussions, we invited Dr. Robert Wildman and Dr. Krissy Kendall to discuss how to structure an entire day’s worth of eating so that you don’t leave any gains on the table. They lay out the guidelines for establishing daily calorie needs and how to determine optimal protein, carbohydrate, and fat intake. They also explain how to time your meals appropriately so that you’re getting the most out of your workouts, and how to time your supplements to see optimal results.

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