7 Benefits of the Battle Ropes - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

7 Benefits of the Battle Ropes


7 Benefits of the Battle Ropes

Discover how you can strengthen your body, tone up and lose weight with one simple tool. The Battle Ropes. They provide a full body workout that will have all your muscle groups screaming for mercy much faster than other fitness tools. Experts believe that in just 30 minutes of high intensity training with the battle ropes you can burn between 300- 500 calories! Discover 7 benefits of the battle ropes in this article and reap the many gains you can achieve from using this versatile, portable piece of equipment

Works multiple muscles at the same time

Battle rope training involves the entire body, training the neuromuscular system to apply force that begins at the core and extends through the extremities of both the arms and legs. The high intensity, rapid nature of battle rope training means that you will develop an insane amount of muscular and cardiovascular endurance all while burning fat.

Battle Ropes Are Versatile

With so many moves that can be done, battle ropes will never get boring, you can slam, slap, twirl them all while getting a great workout. The amount of exercises you can perform with them are endless. In this article, The 7 Benefits of the Battle Ropes, you will learn just how versatile they are.  

If Time is of the Essence


You don't have to spend hours at the gym to reach your highest level of fitness. On average, a 15 to 20 minute battle rope session is more than enough to provide you with optimal cardiovascular and muscle-building benefits. For beginners it is best to start with sessions of 5 to 10 minutes and work your way up as this is a very challenging workout, therefore it is important to build up your time gradually.

They are fun!

Being able to train with Battle Ropes almost anywhere you have room and a solid anchor point is most definitely a plus. You can train in a park, at the beach, in your backyard and of course at your local gym. Being easily transportable all you have to do is get them to your destination and anchor away!

And considering just how much you can do with them you can pick your own up at a steal. 


7 Benefits Of The Battle Ropes

Get cardiovascular and resistance exercise simultaneously

Cardiovascular exercise works to burn fat, and resistance exercise helps to build and tone your muscles. You will quickly reach your target heart rate and feel the burn in your muscles which indicates that they are being worked. Essentially, you are getting the benefits of running and weight lifting at the same time. via 5 Benefits of Battling Ropes - The Alternative Daily

Helps to develop mental toughness

Developing mental toughness and learning to overcome obstacles are key attributes of successful athletes. When people start using the ropes, the idea of maintaining intensity over 1 minute seems like a pipe dream. Your lungs will be burning for air and the lactic acid in your muscles will make you want to cry. But with consistent training on the ropes, you’ll notice that your mental and physical thresholds have advanced further than you could have imagined. via The Benefits of Battling Ropes

Low Impact with BIG Results

Battle ropes don't strain the joints so are considered a low impact exercise. They are suitable for those recovering from an injury, or simply those with bone or joint problems.

When dealing with battle rope exercises, the key points to remember are:

Battle Ropes
Battle Ropes

To keep a wide stance

Keep your back and abs tight

And make sure you look straight ahead.

Beginners will find it’s easier to keep a little bend in the knees. Make sure you breath properly throughout each exercise. 

With muscle fatigue, your shoulders may round forward, putting more pressure on the lower back. Once this happens, immediately rest for 60-90 seconds and start again, whilst keeping your posture in check. The first few tries might be difficult but in time you will master the battle rope stance.

Via Battle Ropes Benefits: Why They're Calling Your Name

Jan Mai

Chief Content Officer based in South Florida

If your looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness level and enhance your muscle endurance then battle ropes are for you. Experts believe that with just 30 minutes of high intensity battle rope training you can burn as much as 300-500 calories! Forcing every part of your body to get involved, your muscles will be screaming as the fat melts away. So versatile and easily portable. Go at your own pace your muscles may scream, but the results will be amazing. I hope that you enjoyed this article, 7 Benefits of the battle ropes, enough to pick them up the next time you visit the gym.