3 Fitness Professionals Try Pilates - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

3 Fitness Professionals Try Pilates.

So you think Pilates is easy? Watch as  3 fitness professionals try pilates and make us smile and laugh while they try out the reformer.

Working your Core is not as easy as you think when it comes to working out on the reformer.  As our 3 fitness professionals try pilates we see just how difficult it can be. Yet it is considered a low impact workout. The instructors get more than they bargained for and seem to have a new found respect for the apparatus as they are tested from head to toe finding muscles they didn’t even know they had.

With every movement being focused on the core the instructors are put through their paces on the reformer with the sole intention of  making them function at  a higher level. For those of you who are new to Pilates, enjoy this video as you learn  about this very taxing yet low impact form of working outIf it's easy it's probably not Pilates.

However, keep in mind that all movements can be modified to suit your needs and you can actually get a great workout at home by using a stability ball, toning ring, and resistance loops.

Become More Flexible While Strengthening Your Core.

This  low-impact, highly effective exercise will not only give you better flexibility, it will greatly improve your core strength.3 FITNESS PROFESSIONALS TRY PILATES.

Squatting is a major life skill, and is a place where many people hurt their backs. We squat to sit down and stand up, as well as to pick things up, sometimes heavy things. Pilates teaches us how to do this properly against resistance so that we don’t hurt our backs. Pilates is not just for models and celebrities who want to look great.Pilates is the perfect exercise method to help ease lower back pain.

Pilates Is For Everyone

As we age, the neuro-muscular connections that help keep us upright slowly starts to decline. But the good news is that those nerve pathways “can be entirely reclaimed by paying specific daily attention,” Dr. Wright assures us. She suggests taking up tai chi, Pilates, or yoga, all of which can improve stability; or adding balance moves (like side leg raises and toe raises) to your usual workout. Practice that stork impersonation every day while brushing your teeth.This form of exercise work well for people of all ages and backgrounds. From Athletes and dancers to weightlifters and newbies, all of us can benefit a great deal from Pilates.

For seniors and those who are recovering from an injury, no one need be excused as workouts can be modified to suit your needs.

Start with the basics and work your way up as the benefits definitely make pilates worth while. Pilates will strengthen your back while giving you abs of steel and it is truly relaxing.  Your mind and body will thank you for it and you will soon be walking an inch taller.