11 Calisthenics Moves To Start - How To Get Ripped Abs Tips

11 Calisthenics Moves To Start

Reap The Benefits For Free

No contract down. You can do Calisthenics Anywhere. Here are 11 Calisthenics Moves To Start.

The Requirements Are…

A Good Attitude & Some Imagination

One of the great benefits that you will get from doing calisthenics is that you will have a better understanding of your body and its limits. This is priceless as it will help you to avoid injury in your everyday life. 

11 Calisthenics Moves To Start

According to research from the American Heart Association, exercises such as calisthenics, that often involve aerobic activity, help control lipid (or fat) abnormalities, obesity, diabetes and increases the cardiovascular health of people with and without heart issues.

via 25 Benefits of Calisthenics or Bodyweight Workouts

Learning to train with minimal equipment and no external resistance whatsoever continues to inspire the masses from city to city, coast to coast, and all over the world to get in the best shape of their lives using nothing but their own bodies, the environment around them and an iron will! via Progressive Calisthenics In The City Of Angels

Try These 11 Calisthenics Moves To Start And Reap The Benefits Of Weight-Free Exercise.

Body-weight training has been around for centuries.  Although the movements shown are done in a gym, you can do them anywhere where you have a little space to move. You don’t need special equipment, training shoes or a gym membership. Just a little time and space and a little imagination will have you working out and performing these moves and more in no time. Try your local park, you may be quite surprised to see just how much you can do out in the open breathing in the fresh air.

Benefits of the Pull Up

Vertical Push

11 Calisthenics Moves To Start

L-Sit Pull Up

Russian Dips

Horizontal Pull/Inverted Row

Tuck Lever Row

11 Calisthenics Moves To Start

Push Ups

11 Calisthenics Moves To Start


One Legged Squats

Core Workouts

Core exercises train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work together. Which leads to better balance and stability, whether on the playing field or in daily activities. Most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles. And as you know to work your core you do not need any special equipment.


Why I love calisthenics?  It’s free! I can workout in the privacy of my own home where no one can see me. Just me using what’s around the house, challenging myself to do more. No uniform, no special outfit, practicing my moves until I get it right. Sculpting and toning to get the look I desire, for FREE.

Jan Mai
Chief Content Officer based in South Florida