Frank & Antoniette

Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics

Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics

Taking Calisthenics to a whole other level is Frank Medrano and Antoniette Pacheco.

Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics

Watching Frank Medrano and Antoniette Pacheco train together makes many of us who are only beginners  ask the awe inspiring question,

“How do they do that? And how do they make it look so easy?”                             Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics

Well as you can imagine, it is through hard work, willpower and motivation.         Ripped & Shredded With Calisthenics

By mixing body building and calisthenics, and by eating a healthy diet (They are both vegans) together they have been able to achieve great results.

Frank and Antoniette met at Golds gym in 2012 and have been training together ever since.

This powerful fitness couple share with us many of their techniques and motivation that keeps them going.

As they say: “The best feeling in the world is to be able to workout and progress together with your partner. Sharing the same passions and striving and pushing each other to similar goals. Special thanks to all our friends that have stood by us to this day and to all our supporters that we have inspired and motivated to live a healthier life.”

Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics


Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics

“I set small realistic goals for myself.                        Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics

I have my mind trained that I can do anything I want if I really want it, and I challenge myself with every training session.

Being consistent is necessary for progression and without it, motivation dies.

I want to be in the best shape possible and my dedication and progression keeps me motivated.”

ANTONIETTE’S MOTIVATION         Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics

Antoniette trains for performance not for looks.

Looking at her today it is hard to believe that she was once overweight.

Ripped And Shredded With Calisthenics

Antoniette enjoys resistance training, body building, calisthenics, athletic training and Yoga.

Being a member of the Marine Corp, Antoniette feels motivated to stay in shape for both her daughter and the marine